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Ondrej Markus

Hey there, I'm Ondrej.

Full-time unemployed designer. Trying to make a living as an independent writer.

I write guides, articles, and draw stickmen saying audacious things about learning, design, productivity, and meaningful work.

Get a short email every Monday with my newest findings and loads of curious stickmen.

Best articles

The Full-Stack Freelancer – A new approach to work

Finding the optimal way of working for generalists.

No meetings before noon

This simple rule is the foundation of my daily productivity.

Morning Pages: 100 words for a clear mind

Easily the most essential thing I do every day to stay sane and productive.

Find a productivity system that works for you

Figuring this out unstuck me from chasing the perfect method and focus on what really matters – getting things done.

Build something that doesn't work

A counter-intuitive story about how I failed my way into success on accident.