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Start where you are

A friend once told me: "I don't know what I want to do in life. I really need a near-death experience to find out." I mean, I guess that could work. You also might have heard about people almost dying and having a eureka moment about what they want to

Do the most important work first

Every morning after I make coffee and write my Morning Pages, I work until noon on the most important project of the day. Doing or not doing what's important makes the difference between feeling good or bad about my day. It doesn't matter if I worked hard for 12 hours

Write public reflections

It's the best way to start writing and improve at anything you do.

Get from idea to paying customers in 4 weeks

This article is a case study of how I launched a course from idea to paying customers in four weeks. I show exactly what I did so you can use it to create your own products with less time and effort. Let's go. Part 1: So many ideas, so little

4 ways to do a year reflection

The year's end is an opportunity to zoom out from the daily chaos and see the bigger picture of where your life is going. What worked well for you this year?What surprised you?What do you want more or less of in your life?Learn about yourselfI'm doing a

Be bad to get good

Whatever you are trying to learn. Whatever you are trying to become. If you are not willing to be bad at it first, you will never get good. As a writer, you need to write bad articles before they get good.As a programmer, you need to write bad code

How to be as useful as you can

Make a positive difference without losing your mind.

Rational Artist – The ideal way to work

Do what you enjoy while making enough money

The Full-Stack Freelancer – A new approach to work

Finding the optimal way of working for generalists.

On being a failure

A story about the fear of failing the people who believed in me.