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There is a better way to design online courses than 30-hour long series of videos. That's why I design intensive workshops that deliver a sequence experiences to help people overcome the fear of putting themselves out there and start creating what only they can do.

Magic happens when a tight group of people with a shared mindset pushes one another to finish things every week. It builds a new way of thinking and seeing the world around you as an opportunity, instead of one threat after another.

I currently work on two online courses:

  1. The Innovation Lab running under the Charles University in Prague. Jan Vesely is the original founder (and my friend). And I've joined him for the last two runs. (This is my reflection on running a 50 student cohort in February 2021)
  2. MetaSprint – A four-week workshop for independent makers who want to level up their creative process in a community of other writers, podcasters, and video-makers. As of March 2021, I'm preparing to run the first cohort. (You can read about why I decided to run another online course.)