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One email every Monday about becoming a solopreneur.

Newsletter – Becoming a Solopreneur
Newsletter – Becoming a Solopreneur

Get my learnings in one email

Until now, I wrote a reflection every month for 7 months. And I polished the shit out of them. Most have 5 or more original illustrations, silly jokes, everything.

But they took too long to finish, sometimes 3 or 4 days. Plus I had to cut things to keep them relatively short.

This meant I always postponed writing one. I knew it was 2+ days of work.

Now, I want to try something different.

I'll write one email every week with my learnings from becoming a solopreneur. Real numbers, fuck-ups, behind-the-scenes of how I get things done (or don't), write articles, develop my course, and draw stickmen.

Join in, and get one next Monday. Unsub is easy if you don't like it.