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Life design 2

As a generalist, I've always struggled with deciding what I want to do in life: so many options but no obvious career path to follow.

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The problem was: I didn't know what I wanted to do next.

The problem

Reinvent yourself

In the last 12 years, I built three businesses (in e-commerce, nutrition, and education) and designed wildly different products from games to hydroponic gardens.

Because of that, I had to reinvent myself over and over as an entrepreneur, designer, and, most recently, writer.

Reinventing myself for 12 years
Reinventing myself for 12 years now

Learn new things

I had to figure out how to learn new things quickly and make a living doing them.

Two years ago, I started sharing what I know on this website to help you and others do the same: Find meaningful work you enjoy doing.

Make a living doing work you enjoy

I do the best I can to help you design your life and systematically get from "I have no idea what I want to do in life." to "I make a living doing work I enjoy."

You can join me here:

What's the deal here

Hey, I'm Ondrej. Welcome to my digital home.

I run this website on my own as an independent writer.

I publish two free articles every week to help you make a living doing meaningful work you enjoy.

That's the core of my work.

I write about topics like:

  • Life design (career prototyping, life planning, finding flow)
  • Learning better (continual improvement, knowledge management)
  • Self-management (decision making, productivity systems, resource management)
  • Creativity – (entrepreneurship, writing, building and selling things)

Do meaningful work you enjoy

My work is for people who want to build their life around meaningful work they enjoy doing every day.

That doesn't mean we are a club of workaholics here. We just care about spending our life doing something that's meaningful to us.

We believe that work should feel like play. It should be challenging and enjoyable. Money isn't enough.

At the same time, we understand that money is necessary for making your work sustainable. And that's why the "making a living" part is crucial.

We dig into the work we love and don't stop until we manage to create a sustainable living around it, enjoying the hell out of the everyday process of trying to get better.

And once we manage to get where we want to be, we find something else to do and play the game again. (I'm in my 8th round right now, and I'm having the time of my life.)

Join me and others on our way to doing meaningful work we enjoy.