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What I'm working on

A list of my active projects updated on 19. 3. 2021.

Wellbeing Dashboard

I'm a lead designer in a small team building an app that uses machine learning to help HR managers improve the wellbeing of people in their company.

I manage the design process, write copy, and flex into other roles as priorities change from week to week.

Innovation Lab

I'm co-creating this seminar on the Charles University in Prague with its original founder (and my friend) Jan Veselý.

It's a learning-by-doing course for students where they experience the process of making products and services from scratch while working in small teams.

We are currently running the 6th cohort with 50 students.


A four-week online workshop for independent creators who want to level up their creative process in a community of other motivated writers, podcasters, and video-makers.

I designed this by myself (and for myself) by taking our best practices from the Innovation lab and adjusted them for individual creators.

I want to become a better creator. I have 10+ friends who want the same thing. So why not sprint together?

I'm preparing to run the 1st cohort in April 2021. Soon.

Writing online

Sharing by writing is quickly becoming the core of my work and learning. I love it. It's why I made this website where I'm starting to share everything I've learned in 10 years of building things from scratch.

I write articles to, hopefully, help people get the tools, knowledge, and courage they need to become the changemakers of their lives and the world. Like this story about how I failed my very first and very weird business. That's a fun one.

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