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How to be as useful as you can

Make a positive difference without losing your mind.

On being a failure

A story about the fear of failing the people who believed in me.

Make something you want to exist

Harvest ideas to start learning by doing.

Building faster learning loops for writing in public

I'm going to live inside this feedback loop for the next 100 days to become a better writer.

The 85% rule: Be the best by trying less

Trying less is sometimes the only way to get better.

Quantity is the shortest way to excellent results

There is a counter-intuitive approach to creative work that changed how I do everything.

When is the right time to quit?

Learn to calibrate the decision based on your quitting tendency from the past.

Make your mentors

It doesn't matter whether they are too busy, or too dead to talk to you.

I disagree with everything I say

I always find a way to disagree with myself and get stuck.

7 rules for journaling

If I could give everyone a gift, it would be to befriend themselves by writing a journal.