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#19: Big messy projects

I had a slow week. It happens when I'm pushing a big project over the finish line. Each step feels like it takes forever. I want to finish it faster because I started the project as a short article about how to design a system to organize your work and

#18: Rage

Last week, I worked on an About page to make my blog less anonymous. And putting it together reminded me why I write. Today, I want to share that reminder with you. The Flower ThrowerFive years ago, I was on a weekend trip to Amsterdam. I went to a gallery

#17: Killing my Youtube habit

Last week, I realized I might have a problem. Too much Youtube. It always creeps up on me. I see it coming but do it anyway. Sure, why not...It starts with an innocent thought: "Hey, it's a long time since I watched some gaming videos." So I do, and

#16: When introvert goes super social

I talked to 11 different people this week. Eleven! More than 1 individual human person per day on average. In my typical week, I spend most of my days bunkered up in a studio surrounded by whiteboards. Interaction with humans is banned. I have rules for that. I meet people,

#15: How to write books as a designer

Hey there, I'm still writing a book. #persistence Almost there...Writing a book as a designerLast week, I realized I can write this book the same way I design a product. (Thanks, Rob.) What does it mean? It means I'm not going to write this book in secret for 6

#14: Find work you enjoy, Useful books, and the Courage to Create

Hey there, I'm writing a book. Well. It might be a book. It also might be a very long blog post. We'll see. But it sounds cooler to say I'm writing a book, so I'm sticking with it. People understand what a book is. And it's nice to feel recognized

#13: Habits, The Mom Test, and Being Useful

Hey there, this week was mostly about rebuilding good habits, teaching students how to talk to customers who lie to them, and writing about usefulness. Let's get to it. How to build new habitsThe first week of starting a habit is the hardest for me because it's not settled in

#12: Bad weeks, Systems, and The Power of Being Lost

Hey there, I had a bad week. The symptoms were: Writing barely anything.Procrastinating a lot.Feeling lost in my projects."In today's episode of..." How It's Made: Bad weeksBad days happen often to me, but bad weeks don't. That's why I pay extra attention when they happen. A bad

#11: Rational Artists, Money, and Articles as Prototypes

Hey there, I'm sending this late. A full disclosure: Instead of finishing an article I really wanted to include here, I binged Squid Game on Sunday. So I edited it yesterday and published it today right before writing this. However, I set its publish date to yesterday, so it's not

#10: Find Freedom, Work on the Right Thing, and Enjoy Life

Hey there, it's Monday again already? This week went by fast. Probably because I spend most of it alone and buried in work. That brings me to... Working on the wrong thing. Ups.The joke of this week is that almost immediately after I sent you my reflection last week,